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Volcanic - Room & Linen Spray

Volcanic - Room & Linen Spray

$ 9.95

Want your house to smell as fabulous as you do? Got a weird smell coming from the carpet of your car?  Maybe the dog got way too snuggly with your couch cushions?  Need a little scented-sendoff on your pillows?  We’ve got you covered!

Volcanic is a burst of fresh citrus energy, balanced with slight hints of greenery and ozonic breezes.  You will be transported to an exotic tropical island, with crystal blue waters, even if it's just for a few moments in your shower.  Volcanic is a fragrance oil.

Listing is for one spray top 4oz bottle of room & linen spray.

To Use: Gently shake the bottle and then spritz softly around the room, or your furniture. Enjoy the fresh aromas. 

Always spot-test fabrics for colorfastness before spritzing.


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