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About us

"Wool Cloth What-What?"

Boy, we've heard that one a lot!  

Since our first child was born, we've had a passion for cloth diapers that led us on many journeys to find just the RIGHT combination of materials:  Those that would be highly absorbent, breathable and better for the environment.  That naturally (hahaha) led us to use fitteds and wool!  Upcycled, Hand-knit, Machine Knit and Interlock-- we've used it all.  

In our own journey with wool, we found some personal frustration in getting quality wool-care products from companies that were always seeming to go out of business, every other month.  (Or even worse, those that didn't deliver on the goods!)  Never knowing if you had to stock up on Solid Lanolin because someone would close up shop, or hoard gallons of Spray Lanolin because you never knew if it would come back.  Those were frustrating days!

So, we figured there had to be a better way-- why not take our business-sense and give it a shot?  Into the "mad-scientist lab" we went, to develop wool care products that, a) worked well, b) smelled great... and most importantly, c) were delivered in a consistent, timely fashion.

We started out small on Etsyback in early 2014, and we've grown leaps and bounds from there.  You can check out our past sales and reviews on the old store page (so, you know that we aren't shady).

Since our children's time in wool has ended, we have added other non-wool care items in some of our customers' favorite scents, so that you (like us) can still enjoy them after the wool-care years have ended.  

While we predominantly remain a Wool Care company, you'll see soaps, lotion bars, scrubs and other goodies stock throughout the year.

Thanks for letting us help you on your own Woolie Journey.

 -Holly, Head Sheep Sweat Slinger of Sweet Tea 'N Biscuits, LLC