About Us

Welcome to our family-run soap & body care business!  Nope, nothing to eat or drink here, so don’t let our name fool you. (We’ll explain that in a bit.)

Sweet Tea ‘N Biscuits is all about you. We make skin care products using the best possible ingredients available… and without a lot of the fine print additives you’ll find in big-box commercial products.  If it’s not needed, we don’t add it.  

We take great pride in buying Organic and Fair Trade certified ingredients (for those ingredients that can be certified).  It’s important to us that farmers and laborers earn a fair, livable wage, and this is why we believe strongly in Fair Trade. We also do not outright purchase palm oil for any of our artisan soap bars, lotion bars, scrubs, etc. 

In the beginning…

Believe it or not, we started out in 2014 as a textile care company, selling primarily on Etsy. For four years, our care products for woolen cloth diaper covers were the sole focus of our business… and a booming one. Two things that made us stand apart from the crowd was our customer service approach and our in house custom-formulating of a exclusive scent blends in both Essential Oils and Fragrance Oil options.

As we grew, many customers begged us to branch into “You Care” to offer body products in all the custom scents that they had come to love on their woolens.  And so we got to work formulating, testing and perfecting our body care lines of artisan soaps, lotion bars, body butters, etc.

Before long, our product line had grown faster than our staff could keep up with demand, so we had to make a choice.

Where are your wool washes and care products now?

In 2019, we sold our entire wool textile care line to a family-owned cloth diaper maker, who now directly manufactures and sells those products under the Charis ’N Ewe brand name.  We invite you to check them out!

Now… about those Biscuits?

Obviously, Sweet Tea ’N Biscuits doesn’t sell biscuits.  And we don’t sell tea.  The name stems from a joke about our long-time favorite ‘breakfast of champions’ — a tall glass of sweet tea and a buttered biscuit.  What does that have to do with soap?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Completely serious… now you’re in on the joke.  Which kinda makes you family… so, welcome, look around and pass the biscuits!