Galactic Giveback - Limited Edition Charitable Giving Cold Process Soap

Galactic Giveback - Limited Edition Charitable Giving Cold Process Soap

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This funky, space inspired soap is out of this world.  Each bar is completely unique, featuring individually hand-made soap 'planets' on a star filled background made of multi-colored soap shreds.  Every bar is unique and may not look exactly like the photo-- in fact most bars don't even look like each other! 

This soap has a slight fruity scent, but is mixed with all the various scents of the planets and the star field, so every bar will smell just a bit different.

This one-of-a-kind soap is part of our ‘Giveback’ line, and 50% of the net proceeds from the sales of each bar from this batch will be donated to the Coronavirus Response Fund, by the American Nurses Foundation.  This fund was created to help our nurses on the frontlines of the health care battle with mental health issues, direct financial assistance and other advocacy concerns.  (Learn more about it at the link above.)

This soap is handmade and runs over 4.8oz in weight. Handmade soap always lasts longer when allowed to dry between uses-- our collection of soap decks and trays is a great way to do this.

This soap may contain animal-derived ingredients (Lanolin & Milk) and is therefore unsuitable for Vegans.  Manufactured in a facility that handles coconut, walnut, wheat and milk ingredients on shared equipment. 

Individual ingredients are not possible on this soap, due to the vast amounts of other soaps that were used in its creation.  We make no claims to this soap, other than its ability to get you clean, and look fabulous while doing it.

Due to the nature of this soap's dark colorant, some color bleeding may occur on light colored washcloths.  This will wash out when they are laundered or rinsed.

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