Hot Mess - Room & Linen Spray

Hot Mess - Room & Linen Spray

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You’re surrounded by chaos, and it may be of your own making. Your car smells like a barnyard, and you don’t even have pets. Maybe the kids destroyed the couch again… and...what the… why is everything sticky??

You haven’t slept since 1985, and you’re not sure you remember what clean underwear feels like? Then at the store, your old high-school rival, Susan, asked you if you were focused on self-care, and you are tempted to yell, ‘GIRL…I MIGHT BE!’ And then use your crazy eyes. (Let’s face it, that shorts with socks & slippers look suits your GTFO crazy look.)

We get you.

This Limited Edition Hot Mess Room & Linen spray is a homage to all the random crap you’re dealing with, and that you are just gonna accept that this is now your life— so, why not flaunt it.

We’ve even put an oversized trigger-style sprayer on this, because who has time to figure out removing a cap… besides you’re certain someone died in the bathroom, and it’s time to deal with it…. but from a distance.

This listing is for one 4oz room & linen spray bottle with a trigger style sprayer.

What Does It Smell Like?  Smells like you better stop asking me questions, Susan. (crazy eyes)

To Use: Shake this like it owes you money, and then just spray the hell out of everything around you.  Not your eyes or skin, though… let’s not go full cray.  

We'd tell you to spot-test fabrics for colorfastness before spraying, but we know you're not gonna listen.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. (Let’s face it, it’s best you avoid kids, because they’re the cause of most of this situation.)

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