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Lanolin Rich Wool Wash

Lanolin Rich Wool Wash

$ 9.00

Gently clean and lanolize your wool diaper items in one easy step, with our high-lanolin content wool wash. Great for washing 'in between' deep stripping cleanings, or as a 'quickie' lanolin bath on your woolens. This conditions your woolies and leaves behind a pleasant scent (or no scent at all, if you choose unscented). 

Draw a warm bath, and add roughly a tablespoon of wash per gallon of water. You may find you prefer more or less, based on the number of items you are washing.

**ALWAYS Spot color test hand-dyed items prior to use. Product has not been reported to create bleeding in hand-dyed items, however all water tables are different.**

About Lanolin Production:

Lanolin is what gives wool diaper covers their waterproofing, antibacterial and urine neutralizing properties. Sheep need to be sheared to keep them comfortable in hot weather and to keep their coats from becoming a tangled mess. The sheared wool is processed to remove the lanolin (a natural wax on the sheep's fleece), which is further refined to become used in skin care, etc; Contrary to some claims, sheep are not killed to produce lanolin or wool.

THESE PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR USE ON WOOL DIAPER COVERS. Products are manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat, oats, tree nuts (coconut) and milk on shared equipment.

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