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NOTHINGNESS - Room & Linen Spray-Sweet Tea 'N Biscuits

NOTHINGNESS - Room & Linen Spray

$ 6.00

Are you tired of smelling delicious, but still want to maintain the ritual of spraying everything around you?  Look no further.  New, from Sweet Tea ’N Biscuits, our popular linen/room spray now comes in our new unscented version, “Nothingness.”

No longer do you have to worry about how little or how much scent you’re applying to your surroundings— with “Nothingness” there is no smell, no mess, no fuss.   And because it’s derived from pure, organic, fair-trade nothing, you can feel good about how often you spray.  As a hidden bonus, the bottle will NEVER run empty… because it is the embodiment of empty!  So spritz up and smell nothing, when you spray “Nothingness.”

To Use: Gently shake the bottle... or just stare at it... and then spritz softly around the room, or your furniture. Enjoy absolutely nothing.

You know we have REAL linen and room spray on our website.  You know, in case you don't want to smell... nothing...


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