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Odds & Ends - Handcrafted Cold Process Soap

Odds & Ends - Handcrafted Cold Process Soap

$ 6.00

Ugly Soaps Need Love, Too! 

Our same artisan-made cold process soaps, but in less-than-perfect shapes and sizes.  Beautifully functional, but not quite up to the size or shape of our regular bars, these handcrafted soaps would love to hop into your luggage for travel, or hang out in your shower.  They even love kids’ sinks! 

“Odds” are full or nearly-full sized bars that have imperfections that make them unsuitable for ‘first quality’ bars. These bars are 5oz or greater in size.

“Ends” are those slices that are from the ends of the loaves during production.  These are smaller than our standard bars.  Many are still fairly hefty— they are 4oz or greater in size!  Cut them in half for great travel sized bars!  Or great bars for kids’ bathrooms.

For full ingredient lists, visit the main listings for each soap type, from our You Care section.  ingredient labels will be provided for each Odd and End bar, and are packaged in minimalist style, eco friendly bags.

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