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Zombie Brains - Limited Edition Cold Process Handmade Soap-Sweet Tea 'N Biscuits

Zombie Brains - Limited Edition Cold Process Handmade Soap

$ 9.95

Nobody knew where the contagion came from or what it even truly was. All we actually knew for certain was that Susan couldn’t stop screaming about how, ‘We were all gonna die!

Why did we let her hide out with us again??  Oh yea, we stole her brother in law's F150 with the monster tires, and she was passed out in the cab.

So, hey… You like Halloween? Yea, we knew you did.
You like Zombies? Pretty much figured that was a yes, too.

Well, now, CARL… you can wash your Halloween-lovin’ butt with Zombie Brains bar soap.

Now, wait, hold up there… Carl, do you think Zombie Brains will turn your freshly cleaned behind into a Zombie? Not a chance, Carl— BECAUSE IT’S SOAP!   It just.. you know.. looks like the inside of the skull of a walker.

But it will make your rear cleaner and fresher than any character living in the post-apocalyptic, nearly shower-free world of your favorite movie/TV show. And no zombies had to be harmed to make this awful, diseased-looking, yet surprisingly fresh-smelling soap.

WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE?!*  Stop asking that, Susan!!!  We’re probably all gonna die real soon.. either when the virus/chemical/whatever goes airborne, or the horde finds us cause you're talking so loud… so, just focus on the fact that you can be clean for just a little while longer!

*But if you must know.. apparently Zombies Brains are a light, fresh scent of slightly-spiced fruits, with hints of vanilla and zest. Which now makes us kinda want to eat some Zombies Brains… BUT DON’T EAT THIS SOAP. It’s for External Use Only, Carl! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, CARL!?

Listing is for 1 Bar of Zombie Brains soap, weighing at least 4.6oz (130g).  (Most are, in fact, much larger.)

Individual ingredients are not possible on this soap, due to the vast amounts of other soaps that were used in its creation. We make no claims to this soap, other than its ability to get you clean, and look freaky as hell while doing it.

Like all our soaps, this soap is cruelty free and suitable for Vegetarians. This soap may contain animal-derived ingredients (Lanolin & Milk) and is therefore unsuitable for Vegans. Manufactured in a facility that handles coconut, wheat and milk ingredients on shared equipment.

If you've read this far, you deserve a treat.  Get yourself some of the Halloween candy stash in the house.  Go ahead, we won't tell.

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